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Getting the Source

NEKCEM is available for download via the Subversion repository:

   svn co

It is also recommended to download ParaView.

Contents of NEKCEM package

The NEKCEM package contains the source code, scripts, examples, libraries used, and documentation.

  • src: source code
  • bin: a collection of scripts for building and running NEKCEM
      makenek: To compile for serial runs ../../bin/makenek under an 'example' dir; See makenek --help for options  
      makenekmpi: To compile for parallel runs ../../bin/makenekmpi under an 'example' dir;
      nek: To run ../../bin/nek; See nek --help for options
      cleanall: To clean ../../bin/cleanall
  • examples: sample problems including SIZEu, *.rea, *.map, *.usr (some special cases have additional files)
  • libs: BLAS and LAPACK can be placed here if not already installed on your system
  • tool: source codes for other utilities, mainly for meshing (detail below)
  • doc: documentation


  cd NEKCEM/trunk/examples/cylwav (serial)
  ../../bin/makenek cylwave
  cd NEKCEM/trunk/examples/cylwav   (parallel)
  ../../bin/makenekmpi cylwave


 cd NEKCEM/trunk/examples/cylwave
  ../../bin/nek cylwave (serial)
  cd NEKCEM/trunk/examples/cylwave
  ../../bin/nek cylwave #np (parallel)
  Note: on Intrepid,  #np is the number of node (total number of cores will be #np*4) 
  Note: on Jaguar, do ../../bin/nek cylware #np1 #np1, where #np1 is the actual core number you need, 
        and #np2 is the core number you request from system, which has to be a multiple of 16.